Breathing Toward Peace

1. In through the nostrils —
deep, deep, deep, deep.
Exhale through the mouth.
Repeat forty times.
Hold #40 for a twenty-count
by thousandths.
Breathe out by the mouth —out,
out, out, out. Hold it for a twenty count.
Catch your breath.

2. Head down, breathe in through nostrils
as you rotate your head to the left
stopping at the shoulder — one.
Rotate to your back —two.
Rotate to your right shoulder — three.
Rotate to your chest, exhale by mouth — four.
Reverse to the right shoulder.
Inhale through nostrils — 5.
To back — 6.
To left shoulder — 7.
To chest — exhale through mouth —8.
Repeat to a count of 100.

3. In through the nostrils
for a four-count by thousandths.
Hold for a normal four count.
Breathe out through the mouth –
one thousand one, one thousand two,
one thousand three, one thousand four.
Repeat ten times.

4. In through the nostrils, Jesus Christ Son of God.
Out through the mouth, Savior.
Repeat ten times.

5. Repeat # 1.

6. In through the nostrils for a four-count.
Exhale through the mouth — Om.
Repeat ten times.

7. Repeat # 1 for twenty breaths.

8. Breathing Toward Peace

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