an achy elbow,
a catch in the back.
what seeds do I sow?
why am I concerned about facts?
let it all go;
too soon, it will all be back.
so sow seeds of breaths in a row —
the repetition of volitional acts.
deeply in and out so slow,
over and over, there and back,
to be here now and know
that this is the right track.
the seeds will grow
the lotus blossoms unfurl and unpack
germination’s flow, germination’s glow —
now here, now here, now here, now —
there is nowhere else
but to be here now —

*in a previous poem I used the word
erehwon which was the name of an
outdoor adventure store. It is the
reverse of nowhere, thus meaning “everywhere.”
To be everywhere is to be present in the “now.”

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