Tilting at Bright Yellow Windmills

One day it arose as if its construction
had been imperceptible. He only no-
ticed it at night when the light from

the sign invaded his home, more
specifically, the kitchen and the bed-
room. The shades couldn’t keep out

the penetrating yellow light. The man
determined to stop the invasion so he
went to the yellow light the next day

and asked for the manager. The man
told the manager about the invasive
light on the serenity of the man’s life

and how that sign blocks the man’s
view of the night sky to which the
manager replied that the sign is

necessary so hungry travelers on
the Interstate could see it and that
the man should take it up with corp-

orate. With that, the manager said to
the man, “Welcome to Waffle House.”
The man bought thicker shades for

the windows and when his wife asks
if he would like a waffle for breakfast,
he always responds, “No thank you.”

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