So, As It Turns Out, It’s Really All About Resentment — A One-Sided Conversation

So, as it turns out,
while this person writes in a way that
looks objective and rational and the
result of critical skills, this gentleman’s
opinions are influenced by “resentment.”
How many other supporters are angry,
resentful, frightened white guys sucked
into the political morass of bias and chaos
and now willing participants
if not cult followers?

The temporary occupant is not just a “populist,”
as the gentleman maintains.
That is too kind a description.
He is a sick human being
unable to feel any empathy
for anyone and only disdain
for the plight of his mostly
white, working-class followers
(given his policies)
and an uncanny ability
to con the “resentful”
into following him
and doing what he wants.

He is a genius in one regard —
he knows better
than almost anyone else
(with the exception
of Hitler) how to tap
into fear and manipulate
it to his advantage.

So much for this person’s objective
evaluation and critical thinking.

We have to see the temporary occupant’s motives
for what they are — 
a personal quest for authoritarianism, 
for dictatorial power,
life-long kingship and an
drive for monetary

Nothing short of our constitutional democracy is at stake.

180,000 dead Americans and counting,
     brutalized and murdered Blacks,
          righteous, peaceful, pleading protesters 
about this 450-year-old oppression,
     right-wing violent participation
          falsely pointing to Blacks to further
frighten whites and where there
     is infrequent and misguided looting
          by Blacks, it is used by the right to
insight fear and label the peaceful
     protestors as violent anarchists.

Somehow I missed a reference to these in the gentleman’s comments.

What I did read was this: [The occupant] has successfully
improved the opportunities for minorities
(eg. opportunity zones, prison reform, aid and
recognition for Black colleges, etc.) and
improved employment numbers to historical

How simplistic! A contemptable attempt
(and an almost verbatim regurgitation of
the occupant’s speech) to salve the disquieted
conscience of shamed but in denial (I didn't 
enslave anyone) white America. It is patron-
izing and paternalistic.

These politically motivated talking points
are not intended to actually promote
equality for Blacks. None of these things
is abhorrent by itself, but together they
reflect an attitude of “us” doing some-
thing for “them” — white power being
benevolent to powerless Blacks.

What I am interested in is the language.
     Just think about the language.
          It is all about segregation.
All of it has to do with Blacks
     staying in certain places
          not occupied by whites:
opportunity zones,
     prison reform, Black colleges.
          We are helping Blacks while
they stay in certain zones;
     we are helping Blacks
          while they remain in prison
or get released to go back
     to an “Opportunity Zone”;
          and once they get released
from prison there will be
     greater opportunity for them
          to go to “historically Black
colleges,” away from us
     because we whites don’t go
          to those places or, heaven forbid,
live there.

Tongue in cheek, I write sarcastically,
“Oh, we are doing so much good for
Blacks, the Blacks, our Blacks, those 
people. I hope they appreciate it 
(while we keep them at arm’s length
and under a knee).”

And by the way, what kind of employment
and where? And now because of the virus,
these numbers reflecting bottom level jobs
have themselves bottomed out.

Where in the gentleman’s comments is there
any exploration of the political motivation
of the temporary occupant's assertions?

Look under the hood of the big, black,
gas guzzling, presidential limousine 
not in the 'hood!

Regarding the quote by Lao Tzu below,
I am striving for simplicity in my life
and for compassion,

but I have run out of patience with guys
who look like me and cry “foul."

"I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, 
compassion.” — Lao Tzu

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