This Little Light

He took a survey on how dark his
dark side was. It isn’t very. He felt
guilty pleasure and told his wife who

confirmed the results. And then he
thought that his life was not balanced.
There was way too much light and

not enough darkness and that has
caused behavior that others see
as dark, others in the religious

community around him where the
imbalance tips strikingly to the dark
and where, in order to hide it, people

live judgmental Victorian lives push-
ing down the dark only to have it
erupt in truly ugly ways, which then

requires people to bury the dark even
deeper. Those, who bury the dark,
don’t understand his tipping to the

light; they just see the anger and
assume that it is of the dark. People
of faith shouldn’t be angry. They

tell him that the righteousness of
God does not work the anger of
humanity. People wonder why he

is so grumpy. He even wonders
and then he takes a look around
at the darkness enveloping the

day — all the negative “isms’
and he forgives himself for his
anger for it isn’t such a bad

thing in the face of what is hap-
pening but he has to tell himself
not to let the sun set on his anger

and so he breathes deeply and
thanks Wisdom for letting him
see both his light and dark in the

unity of life and for letting his
little light shine in the dark even
if it takes the form of anger,

which his wife informs him
better be like Saint John Lewis
making “good trouble.”

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