Grade School and the Tenth Grade

Recently, when the Temporary Occupant was touting what his administration is doing for the public school system, people on the internet suggested that he go back and finish grade school.

In the following edited note to a friend today, I suggested that America is in the tenth grade:

What I am observing in America is what I would describe as a country at the sophomoric stage of development — arrogant, know-it-all while knowing very little, a “me, me, me” view of life. This, of course, has been reinforced by an over-emphasis on constitutional “freedom” and “individual rights,” with almost no reference to the Preamble’s emphasis on “promoting the general welfare” — our community/communal context.

Unfortunately, this phase is being exploited by what I believe to be truly demonic forces bent on solidifying and guaranteeing the success of the quest for power for the very few and wealth for the coffers of those same few and the delusional thought that the fearful and resentful base could all be Horatio Alger, which of course is a myth. It’s the devil quoting scripture to seduce a nation. I hope we, as a nation, will surmount this tawdry debacle and move toward the next step in maturity, that being h.s. juniors and seniors.


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