The Gummy That Makes Him Giggle

He thinks the gummy lasts through the night into the morning
because the giggles come on during breakfast without a warning.
He remembers the previous evening giggling at news’ dire warnings
and giggling to bed wondering if there will be a next morning.
Well, the sun came up as predicted
and nothing happened over night with warnings so afflicted.
And so, he conjures dumb puns
from which his wife and dog run.
He just giggles while he sits
thinking about an English violinist:

“We rented a room from an English violinist,”
is a line from a poem. It really struck a chord.

He said that since COVID-19, he sits at home gaining weight.
His wife said, “That’s awful. Does that mean that everything is going to waist?”

His wife had a physician’s appointment to examine her bones.
He said to her, “I think you are very smart but I want your bones to be dense.”

And with that, before the car door was closed, the dog ran out
and jumped right in, declaring, “Don’t leave me here with the giggling lout.”

“Oh, Babe, my dear Chocolate Lab, stay with me and inspire me to think of puns galore.” And with that, his wife said, “Are you in, Babe?” and slammed the door.

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