Converting Lefties Into Making Right


The members of the cabinet attended a CLIMR meeting. 
The Temporary Occupant wanted them all to be CLIMRs 
and so he equipped them with ropes and crampons and 

said, “Have at it. Let me know when you get back from 
Everest.” But the cabinet members were on a mission 
from God not a climbing expedition anticipated by the 

clueless occupant. They were learning how to convert 
lefties into making right, their sole purpose being to 
take the sinister lefties, expose them for what they 

are, an Antifa support group, and chop off their left 
hands. All was going well when the Secretary of Edu-
cation grabbed the hatchet with her left hand and the 

other members let out a screech. The secretary then 
screamed that she was no lefty but only turned to the 
right in all things. Too late. The Temporary Veep grab-

bed the hatchet and declared that there wouldn’t ever 
be anything left left. And with that, the Court decided 
to consider the case calling for the dismemberment of 

all lefties' left hands. When it came time for the vote, 
the newly confirmed justice inadvertently raised her left 
hand. She was heard to scream as she was carried off to 

the guillotine for left hands, "Next time I'll be sure 
to get it right." Too late, Lefty Lady.

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