All The Poets Are Filled With Shame

So, all the poets, if they are old enough
to have children, are filled with guilt and
shame because of the deplorable state

of the earth’s environmental health which
the children, apparently, revel in pointing
out to their now berated, humiliated and

dilapidated parents — those very poets.
And as a father of two children and a step-
father to one stepson, I have thought about

that and have had pangs of regret over not
doing more to help an environment over
which I had not much control. On the other

hand, we separated garbage into garbage
and recyclables from the time the kids were
born so they knew that we were concerned

about the environment, but, hey, in terms
of the big picture, we were pretty much
powerless, but now, apparently, the poets

are convinced that the children stand in
utter and total judgment on their parents,
which is really sad considering that we

are all on the same side wanting to swim
in clean water, breathe clean air, garden in
rich soil and frolic with the wild life. Maybe

the poets are just trying to wake us up from
our lethargy. Maybe, but who knows what’s
in the mind of a poet? So, why do I allow

them to make me feel guilty and ashamed?

Hmmm, those darn poets….

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