Favorite Holiday

The preacher’s kids’ favorite holiday
was always Halloween — the costumes,
the candy. Not Christmas, not Easter,

not the Christian ones. No, a pagan fest.
Thank heaven they were never asked to
play a trick on the treaters if there were

no treats. That would come later when
they were teens, maybe. The preacher
never knew, but he did remember being

sixteen and wearing a trench coat pulled
up over his head playing a headless/horse-
less horseman and not getting a treat so

he and his buddies’ trick was to tip over
the garbage cans. Thank goodness they
were empty. The preacher’s kids now have

kids and what will they do this COVID Hallo-
ween? Stay home, watch horror movies and
eat pizza while their parents reassure them
that there will be other Halloweens. Boo!

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