Three Days Before the Election

He watched a weird movie
with pregnant horror ready

to jump out of the screen,
but he was glad the movie

concluded before a later hour
because he didn’t want night-

mares, so, instead he watch-
ed in that later hour a news-

cast of the upcoming election
with polls drawing the candid-

ates closer and closer, nearer
and nearer, reminding him of

a horror film he watched as a
kid about a mummy climbing

out of a tomb and advancing
toward innocent victims —

“Slowly I turn, step by step,
closer, closer.” “Okay,” he

said, “That’s enough.” He turn-
ed off the TV, went to bed and

sighed a sigh of relief when he
heard his wife tell the dog to

go back to bed because it
was still too early to get up.

He got up and was glad to
hear the gale winds that came

early in November and then
he remembered that the

horror film was actually
an Abbot and Costello

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