Where Are They? Seriously.

Where are they? Where are the
people in power to call out the
killer in the White House? Rally

after rally after rally with thou-
sands of supporters who rub
shoulders and breathe on each

other and cheer on the grim
reaper and now we know that
in addition to the nine-plus million

infected and the two-hundred-
thirty-thousand dead all because
of the killer in the White House,

there are, according to a major
university study, thousands more
infected and at least seven hun-

dred dead because of the killer’s
campaign rallies. Okay, let’s get
this in some kind of perspective

— one person kills another person
and the killer goes to prison for,
maybe, life. What happens to the

killer in the White House? Maybe
he gets re-elected. Say what!!!!
Say what!!!! Say what!!!!

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