From Alarm Bells to Musical Medicine During a Pandemic

He felt a burning in his chest while jogging
following a six-month lay-off for two surgeries —
alarm bells.

An EKG to have said surgeries. Result? excellent.

Self-suggested PT to build back muscles following surgery. Result: minimal.
Self-suggested second EKG. Result: same as first — excellent.
Self-suggested gout medicine switch. Result: huge flare. Ouch!!!

Running out of suggestions:
Self-suggested angina medicine. Result: negative.
Self-suggested use of acid-reflux medicine. Result: negative.

Good news result: The old kid has got a great heart, literally.

Bad news result:

Is there a physician in the house? The nurse said it was all about COVID. Chest burn and ankle burn and alarm bells to a slow burn to a fast burn to his emotional burn — a minor situation in context. The man asked, “Can we stop playing musical medicine here and now or do we have to wait until we have a vaccine for COVID?” So many others have experienced so much worse during this pandemic, but has anyone stopped to think that we wouldn’t be going through this, if it weren’t for the crazy guy hunkered down in the bunker and we have to get him out of the bunker and out of the house and get to work on fixing all the systems that have suffered burning in the chest (or is that a simple signal of heartache)? Some say to stop looking for blame, but it is hard not to see the obvious while hoping that history does not repeat itself even as another virus surely will come one day.

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