Thanksgiving for Things Learned From Things On Their Way Out


The writer was asked, “Has any
good lesson come out of the last
four years and the last three weeks
in particular?” The writer said (that
after the last three weeks of the
attempt to subterfuge and destroy
democracy by the president who
now definitely has lost the election),
“I will never take democracy for
granted again.”


You know the cliche that you
don’t know what you have until
you lose it. Here’s another: we
dodged a bullet. It was the one
the president continually shot
right down Pennsylvania Avenue
for four years and democracy came
very close to taking one in the heart
and dying in the street because
there was no room at the hospital
for all the COVID patients and we
wouldn’t even know what was lost
until January 20 and America enter-
ed the Twilight Zone. No, not the
Twilight Zone, the Twi-night Zone.


Whether or not you know it, you
are the descendant of immigrants
(But that’s not unique. Even the
indigenous peoples “indigenated”
somewhere on the other side of
the Bering Strait before migrating
to what is now the US.) As im-
migrants, if your family were trying
to emigrate from somewhere and
immigrate to here today and your
people were coming from a country
south of our border, your family
would be torn apart, you
wouldn’t know where the family
went, you would experience ex-
cruciating emotional trauma and
if by some chance you survive to
adulthood, you would return as a
terrorist to avenge by “blowback”
what happened to your family and
all this is being done in your name,
with your money, US citizen. In 2021
this inhumane practice will cease.


The pandemic will be tackled by
science and not denial and superstition.


And just maybe a third of America
will stop being duped by grifters and
con artists for awhile.

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