The Pastor Left the Church Today

The Pastor Left the Church Today

The pastor left the church today;

Everything was left in disarray.

Or so it seemed and it sure felt that way,

As the pastor got in and drove away.


He told them months ago he was on his way,

But, of course, they just pined the days away

In denial really about the coming day

That it wouldn’t happen and would just go away.


But it didn’t just go away,

And now they just stand and sway

Back and forth in great dismay

About the pastor who left the church today.


She said she was leaving by the end of the day.

He didn’t believe her at least not that way.

Maybe she would visit her mother along the way

But leave him and the kids? There was no way.


But he did and she did and it happens everyday

And nobody seems to catch on along the way

That relationships end that way after so much to say.

Perhaps they just wanted to get out of the fray,


Maybe they had grown in a different way.

Maybe they had tried and tried but couldn’t stay

Any longer and they didn’t know exactly what to say

After so many years and so many miles along the way


In a relationship that just stood still and needed to go away.

But the pain that’s felt in the gut all hours of the day

Is something that resolutely just won’t go away.

And so knees hit the floor and heads bow to pray


That they can pick up the pieces, which seem in disarray

Until such time that they can get it together and say

“Oh, what the hey! It’s time to learn from the past and

Get on the way.”  What’s the alternative? Isn’t one death







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