She Just Up and Pulled Up Stakes

She Just Up and Pulled Up Stakes

She just up and pulled up stakes

For some reason after a long, long season.

Her husband asked her to put on the brakes,

But she had, had it for what she believed was good reason.


One just never knows what gives behind

Closed doors away from public view. A daughter shot

A stare, “I’m sure to those outside we look just fine —

Family of four: dad, daughter, son and a mom that’s hot.”


The nuclear group who moved away

From classmates, siblings, parents to name a few

Settled among the halls of ivy for many winters’ stay.

Building academic reputations and hobnobbing too


With other academics, spouses and uber-

Smart offspring. T.S. Eliot’s Cocktail Party went

On and on, too long and she dropped into a totally torpored stupor

Until one day and many boring infidelities spent


She got in the car and drove as far

West as she could landing in the Wild West

Where she practiced the art of weaving at the bar.

She ruminated and thought she gave it her best,


And then without guilt she decided to live

Life to the fullest with whatever time she had left,

So she chucked the loom, said I’ll take instead of give

For awhile and rediscover exactly what is bereft


In a life of giving, giving, giving

Before it’s all gone, and then a friend in curiosity

Googled her name to see where she was living

And read with shock and disbelief her obituary.


The rabbit jumped down the hole: “I’m late,

I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello,

Goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. I’m late.”

Do not collect two hundred dollars; do not pass go.

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